let your light shine

Let Your Light Shine

by Katherine Kehler

“You are the light of the world…let your light shine before men” John 5:16

Someone told me that we influence at least 250 people during our lifetime. Today, with the Internet connecting us with more people, I believe our influence is much greater.

I recently watched a true story featured on the video Paradise Road. It told of a woman who used her influence and training to give a group of women hope, courage, peace, unity and a reason to keep living.

The women were prisoners of war. They came from diverse backgrounds – high society and farmers. They were from different countries. At first they didn’t trust each other, but as life become more difficult for them, they began to work together.

God used this woman in an amazing way. With her music and organizational abilities, she united the women to form an orchestra and patiently taught them how to use their voices to sound like instruments. Soon they were able to create a beautiful concert.

She gave them something to beautiful to focus on besides their own misery and their horrific surroundings. Every day women died at the hands of their captors or from disease, but the group was able to keep going because of her courage.

There were, of course, some women who wouldn’t join the choir and watched from afar, but most followed her.

Over half the women in the choir died. One day, when they were having yet another funeral procession, one of the guards asked her, “Where is your choir now?”

Instead of letting his remark discourage her, she picked up two rocks and began banging out a rhythm. Soon others followed her example, using sticks, shoes – whatever they could find. They were an orchestra again and were encouraged. Even those who usually sat and watched joined in the music.

Finally the war was over and they were set free. This woman had given them hope, courage, and even joy by inspiring them to make something beautiful in dire circumstances.

You are like this woman when Jesus Christ controls your life,

“You shine like stars…as you hold out the word of life” (Philippians 2:15).


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