Our feet need to keep moving

Our feet need to keep moving

God makes our feet like those of a deer who is able to climb to high ground and stand secure—Psalm 18:33

God keeps our feet steady and free from wavering—Psalm 18:36

As we keep our eyes upon the Lord, He will keep our feet from the traps of the enemy—Psalm 25:15

God has removed our feet from the ground that sinks and stinks, and has placed them upon ground that is as solid and firm as a rock— Psalm 40:2

God has put our feet on the pathway of life that is filled with the light of His presence—Psalm 56:13

The paths that God will make for our feet will keep us from living a life of regrets—Psalm 116:8

Happy feet are the feet that walk in the way of obedience to the Lord—Psalm 119:59

Feet that walk according to the Word of God will always be stepping away from evil—Psalm 119:101

The Word of God will always shine enough light on our path so our feet can take the next step—Psalm 119:105

Our feet don’t automatically move in the right direction, but they follow the path of our choices—Proverbs 4:26

Our feet were made to take us to the places where the Gospel of peace and the good news of Salvation can be proclaimed—Isaiah 52:7

Our feet need to keep moving us toward the day when His feet shall once again stand upon the Mount of Olives at His return. Zechariah 14:4

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