God’s heart toward those who do not know Him is the heart of a shepherd

The story is told of the shepherd who had 100 sheep. One evening, as he brought them back home to the sheep pen, he only counted 99. One was missing!

Though night was falling and the way was dark, the shepherd went searching; calling until he found the one lost sheep tangled in the bushes. He gathered it into his arms, took it home and nursed its wounds. The heart of the shepherd was to shelter and protect his sheep.

God’s heart toward those who do not know Him is the heart of a shepherd who looks for that one lost lamb. He calls the name of those who are lost and tangled in the snares of this world. He won’t stop calling until that lost one is safely in the sheepfold, safely connected to the God who loves her. Then His heart rejoices.

And when the shepherd finds the one that wandered off, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off.” Matthew 18:13

God wants us, as His children, to share His heart for the lost soul who is tangled today in the rush of life. He asks us to be a living example of what it is to know the Shepherd and to be sheltered in the safety of His arms. He doesn’t ask us to sell religion. No, He calls us to invite others to the welcoming, forgiving love He offers freely.

As Christian’s God has done some amazing things that we can see.

• He has made a way FOR US to have a relationship with Him through Jesus.
• We feel His work IN US as He draws us along on our journey of healing and continues to fill us with His Holy Spirit.
• He wants to do something THROUGH US to bring lost sheep to know Him.

“He who wins souls is wiseProverbs 11:30

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