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, and I will give you rest (Exodus 33:14).

In all of life’s challenges, God gives us the one thing we need the most: His Presence.

When Moses was leading the children of Israel through the wilderness to the promised land, God personally accompanied them. A pillar of cloud would descend upon the  tent of meeting and God would speak to Moses as a man speaks with his friend (Exodus 33:11).

After the Israelites sinned by making a golden calf and worshiping it, God said, “I will no longer travel with you, for you are a stubborn, unruly people. If I did, I would be tempted to destroy you along the way.  I will send an angel to guide you” (see Exodus 32).

Some of us might have been happy with an angelic presence, but Moses was devastated. He wanted God’s personal presence…

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