“I am sending you,” says Jesus

As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.
John 20:21
“I am sending you,” says Jesus. It seems a daunting mission…perhaps even impossible. But you are not going to rely on your senses for this assignment, because your senses will betray you. In the darkness, down may seem up and you’ll lose sight of the horizon. And for sure, people will tell you what a foolish course you’ve chosen. But there is an instrument – God’s Word, the Bible – it’s all the guide you need…if you have the courage to rely on it completely and totally.

Today, trust God for your navigation, and pray that others in America who’ve been disoriented and devastated by the illusions of the world will trust Him also.

RecommendeAnimation1navydiamondsd Reading: Psalm 116:1-14 

One thought on ““I am sending you,” says Jesus

  1. I like this passage. To me, Jesus us telling us to reach out to others and help them. He is “sending” us to be goodwill ambassadors and He mentions our “course.” In my volunteer work with homeless families, the families respond to witnessing by deed. They are already devout as that is all they have; so when someone helps them climb a ladder, it is a much greater service and one where Jesus would nod in approval. Thanks for sharing this, BTG


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