A grain of mustard seed

A grain of mustard seed, which, when sown…is the smallest of all the seeds.
Mark 4:31
Jesus said if you had faith as big as a mustard seed, you could command a mulberry tree to be planted in the sea, or you could move mountains (Luke 17:6 and Matthew 17:21-22). Yet you may become discouraged, thinking, “If mustard seed-sized faith moves trees and mountains, my faith must be microscopic.” Remember…embryos, baby elephants, mustard seeds and faith grow. You may not be able to raise the dead or relocate landscapes, but you can exercise and nurture the faith you do have.

How do you grow your faith? Know God is your authority (Matthew 8:5-13). Pray for faith (Luke 22:32), meditate on who Jesus is (Acts 3:16), and read the Bible (Romans 10:17). Be encouraged by the faith of others (Acts 14:22), and recall answers to your prayers, knowing God can do anything (Romans 4:21). Whatever the size of your faith, thank God for it and use it to seek Him concerning your personal needs, your family, your church…and your country.

Recommended Reading: Matthew 6:25-33084QUCZaA
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