Why are we tempted?

 1:12-17; I Cor. 10:12-1300fa054zsCc

Why are we tempted? Why doesn’t God so arrange things so that there will be no temptations, or few, at least, to do wrong. James tells us clearly all through the first chapter of his brief Epistle. We learn from James 1:2-4 that God orders certain trials to come into our lives to the end that we may be “fully developed and perfectly equipped, without any defects” (William Trans.). But then in verses 13-15 James speaks of that inward enticement to do evil. This “temptation” comes not from God–though it operates under His sovereign good pleasure even as does Satan and all evil. This “temptation” comes from within. It is the Evil One–the tempter–drawing us, through our evil nature, to do those things which are contrary to the revealed will of God.


One thought on “Why are we tempted?

  1. Because we are so infatuated with sex . Sex sells everything and the love of money will use it to sell on a minute by minute basis. Even the newspeople have to be beautiful. I don’t know how we can combat this engine, other than by not watching. At least on the news front, I watch PBS Newshour where competence trumps all.


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